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18 March 2010                                                                                                                     Volume 10, Issue 3

In This Issue

·    New Operating System Cautions

·    Upgrade Your Browser

·    Invitation


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Before You Connect to the Internet

If you’ve just bought a new computer (or are about to reinstall your old faithful operating system) and can’t wait to hook it up and use the internet - you should read this first.


WebSecurity.bmpExperience has shown that hooking up an unpatched computer (typical of new installations) to the web is a risky venture as the machine can be infected within minutes.  (I’ll focus on the Microsoft world as they hold over 90% of the market however, the basics will still apply.)


First off, you will need to prepare a few things to better protect yourself such as a disk or flash drive loaded with a current Anti-Virus program, updated driver disks, Updated Windows software patch disk (If there has been a major patch released since your disk version E.g. SP3).  Using this method you can delay connecting to the Internet until after you have updated your vulnerabilities.


I recommend you have the computer attached to the Internet via a properly configured router (instead of directly connected to your service provider’s modem) as this adds another significant layer of protection for your systems.  It’s an additional expense however it avoids your computer getting an (IP) address which is accessible to the masses. (Read – you are more visible on the Internet)


Next establish a password for the Administrator account and setup necessary user accounts. Standard User accounts are safer for everyday use as they are restricted from higher level access – which can prevent certain attacks. Passwords offer another layer of protection or at least slow down an attacker should they get this far.


At this point I usually will turn off or uninstall a whole series of programs, features and services as often the new system is loaded up with trial or unwanted programs that will only serve to take up resources.


Make sure your firewall is on (use Windows firewall or a third-party application) and unless you are comfortable reviewing security releases turn on Automatic Windows updates.


Install your Anti-virus program (I like AVG as they offer a free version to the home user. Download AVG Note: Do not have more than one Anti-virus program running on your computer as this will cause problems.)


Hook up all necessary peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.)


Now is a good time to create your first System Restore Point which can establish a fall back position just in case we need one later.


It looks like we are finally ready to connect, but before you go to check out the happenings of your favourite celebrity or hit YouTube or facebook go directly to the Windows Update page and finish what we started here.        


BTW – When you purchase a new system from FileBank we do all this for you… J. Contact FITS (416) 640-2874 for a no-obligation quote on a new system.


Time to Upgraded your IE Browser

If you still have not upgraded your Microsoft Internet Explorer program to version 8, a new threat has arrived and I suggest you upgrade now. (Both Internet Explorer version 6 & 7 are affected. More details at Microsoft.)

To check to see what version you have, open ‘Internet Explorer’ and select ‘Help’ and then select ‘About Internet Explorer’, if it doesn’t indicate version 8 you need to go here to upgrade. (Firefox, Opera or Chrome users should also get the relevant latest version for similar reasons.)

Microsoft issued a warning about the vulnerability, which it said was being targeted in attacks and could allow an attacker to take control of a computer… How is that for an incentive to upgrade?  Apparently ‘researchers’ (Grey/White hat hackers?) have already developed code to exploit this fault… so the (Black hat) hackers can’t be far behind…or, more likely, they are already there.  (Sean-Paul Correll of Pandalabs has a fascinating look behind the scenes here if you speak geek.)

Oh, and according to another Microsoft Bulletin XP users may not want to be touching that F1 key while on-line for a bit either. (See Microsoft MSA 981169 for more information.)

For more information on security and backup solutions, for business or home, contact FITS.  ( or 416 640-2874)


Upcoming Charitable Events 

EA_Affair.jpgAs part of FileBank’s corporate culture we are involved in our local community by volunteering at and attending events of our chosen charities.  As such, we will be attending The Ernestine’s Affair (in support of Ernestine’s Shelter) next month and extend an invitation for you to join us there as well. 

If you can’t be there in person the shelters are always accepting donations or items for their silent auctions & fundraising.  Below is a list of the organizations FileBank is involved with in Etobicoke as well as their respective fundraising events:

Ernestine’s Shelter- The Ernestine’s Affair – Wednesday April 28th

Women’s Habitat Shelter - 5th annual Girls' Night Out - Thursday, June 17th

Youth Without Shelter - On The Right Track...Racing Towards a Solution – Sunday June 27th


For more information please feel free to contact me (or one of the shelters directly) at or (416) 640-2874.



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