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21 May 2010                                                                                                                         Volume 10, Issue 5

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Basic Disaster Planning

Fake Virus Warning

Do You Know this Man?

Youth Solutions

As your computer ages it can get bogged down with unnecessary applications and even malware. Contact FITS at or (416) 640-2874 to have a computer check-up done.

The Best Plan for the Worst Case Scenarios Businesses need a viable disaster recovery plan to ensure their survivability. From simple disasters, like critical file deletions, to larger problems, such as an event resulting in not having normal access to your workspace and/or systems, should be considered and planned for in some detail. (You have computer data backup in place… don’t you?)


Many disaster planning teams spend too much time thinking up various scenarios that may trigger a disaster instead of focusing on the results of that disaster. Focus on outcomes not specific disaster scenarios. Once you identify a few possible disasters, contemplate how to get around the loss of various, or combinations of various, infrastructures and systems.


Ensure your key people are empowered to make decisions to react to a disaster in your organization.  If communications are limited, your team will need to possess the authority to source creative solutions and act on whatever problems arise, with little or no outside guidance.


The best way to be prepared is to plan for the potential events in detail, practice the recovery scenarios and review the written plan on at least an annual basis.


Contact FITS (416) 640-2874 to get help starting, testing or revising your Disaster Recovery Plan.


Beware of False Warnings on the Internet Hopefully you have yet to encounter one of these malicious programs while browsing the Internet, however if you are not aware, some virus/security warnings are actually the source of a potential problem.

The reason is that these warnings are not really warnings from your Anti-Virus program but rogue programs disguised as helpful messengers.

The question most often asked is; “how do I tell the fakes from the real warnings?” … Good question and one that is not easy to answer without knowledge of your computer system. Being aware of which Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware program that you are currently running is a big help, as then you will be better able to spot the fake.

ost, or all, of these rogue programs are encountered while browsing the internet and appear in the browser program itself (E.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome).

The heart of the problem is that the people designing these rogue programs are very good at making their fake program look very much like a real one. These people are trying to trick you into giving them something.  You should never submit any financial information to a program like this however you don’t want to ignore a real threat warning either as both wrong moves can (at best) compromise your computer.

FITS technicians have dealt with these rogue programs for years now and can help you out should you encounter one.  If you are not sure about a warning BACK AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER, don’t even try to close the program as this may start the process instead.  Call FITS and we can advise you on the proper ‘exit strategy’.

For more information on computer malware, security and backup solutions, for business or home, contact FITS.  ( or 416 640-2874)


New to You at FileBank IT Solutions FITS is pleased to introduce our newest IT Technician, Farrukh Khalil.  Farrukh studied Computer Science and Cognitive Science at U of T and later Technical and Professional writing at York.  He brings with him a solid background in troubleshooting computer issues with over 5-years practical experience.

If you have broken your computer or are thinking about breaking it, contact Farrukh at or 416 640-2874. (Please Break Responsibly.J)


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