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17 June 2010                                                                                                                       Volume 10, Issue 6

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Outlook Features

Google WiFi Snoop

iPad Mania

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Reduce hardware investment, Save on Power and Cooling costs and get Disaster Recovery…

Inexpensive Backup Solutions

Want to give customers access to your business 24 x 7? A web page is an inexpensive sales tool…  

Your wireless network should display a ‘lock’ symbol indicating it is secure, if not you are leaving your data exposed. Contact FITS if you are not sure or (416) 640-2874 …

Getting More Out of Outlook 2007

If you follow blogs and other RSS feeds you may find it easier to manage your RSS feeds by utilizing Outlook 2007's built-in feature that will display the information within your email program.


All your selected RSS feeds will then be under the RSS Feeds folder inside Outlook. Each feed will have a separate folder and Outlook will automatically poll each feed and post updates to the appropriate folder for you.


You can then browse through your RSS feeds, the same way you browse through your mail.


To use this feature - Open your Web browser, go to the blog that you want to subscribe to and click the RSS icon. Typically you'll see an option to use Microsoft Office Outlook to subscribe to the feed. You may also want to check the box "Always use Microsoft Office Outlook to subscribe to feeds" and you are done. Now you can read your mail and your feeds all in one place.


Contact FITS (416) 640-2874 to get help with this feature or upgrade to Outlook 2007.


Google Mistakenly Collects More Data… 

Last month Google admitted that it inadvertently recorded more Wi-Fi (wireless router) information than it had originally intended to, while its ‘Street View’ cars were imaging the neighbourhood.

Apparently Google not only collected the publicly broadcast SSID information (the Wi-Fi network name) and MAC addresses (the unique number given to a computer device) but also payload data (information sent over the Wi-Fi network) from open (i.e. non-password-protected) Wi-Fi networks during its campaign to give us all a street view of neighbourhoods around the world.

Needless to say, that act has landed them in a bit of ‘hot water’ with many privacy advocacy groups world-wide, not to mention Attorney Generals… I think I see another storm brewing for Google.  

So, the question you have to seriously address is: Is my wireless network secure?  For example, when you select “View Available Wireless Networks” there should be a lock displaying a “Security Enabled Wireless Network” related to your wireless network.  If not you should contact us ASAP to get this item fixed.

Now maybe you can trust Google, however this episode does give you some idea of the existing technology that allows a drive-by collection of this kind of information. It is not a far reach once you are able to identify an unsecure wireless that someone will try hacking into those computer systems. It’s much like locking your front door, chances are no one unsavoury is going to walk in but why take the chance?

For more information on computer security and solutions, for business or home, contact FITS.  ( or 416 640-2874)


Lost in the iWorld (iPad) Frenzy
When it comes to delivering products to consumers, Apple is among the best, however I must admit I’m missing the 'gotta have it' attitude when it comes to the iPad.

While it seemingly combines features of a Netbook, e-reader, gaming device, photo frame, and iPod into one slick-looking device it seems to me a “jack-of-all-trades and yet master of few”.

The Good: The tablet style with the touch interface has a lot of appeal to many, great display, outstanding battery life, safe browsing instant-on…

The Not so Good: No USB ports, No multi-tasking (music or data-crunching in the background), No Flash support (on web-sites)…

My quick verdict on the iPad is to wait it out, the product will get better as Apple address some of the critiques levelled at the device in near future... just look at the next model due out for proof of this.   

I’ll have more for you later as our president is taking one on the road with him next week. In the mean time, if you want to read a good review of the iPad device I suggest you see Hubert Nguyen comments at:

(Feel free to send me your comments. or (416) 640-2874.)


Auction Item to Support Youth Without Shelter


The YWS fundraiser event at Woodbine races kicks off at 12 pm, Sunday, June 27 and FileBank will be there.  Take a look at their silent auction booklet.  Lot #101 for an exceptional offer for your business advertising needs: Four weeks of advertising with Pattison Outdoor, valued at $10,000.  – Let me know if you want me to put a bid in for you. 


Thank you.  Your presence trackside is changing young lives.



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