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FITS & Starts Reader,

With only a bit more of summer remaining, I thought we'd take a vacation and point you to some entertaining and informative computer sights & software.

Presenting Those Summer Photos

If you still haven't organized those digital photos from your latest summer trip (or maybe this applies to all of your photos) FITS has highlighted a few tools that will help you build your very own professional looking photo displays.

Ottawa2010 108I'll make the bold assumption that you have already spent all your hard earned cash on the big trip so I'll stick with suggesting the free software versions to help you out.

See the full article here for photo editors and scrapbook software to present your pictures in a better light...

Contact me if you have any comments or questions at (416) 640-2874.

 Tired of Holding the Phone?

I don't know if you have been introduced to my new secretary, however I happened across her the other day and figured you may want to get acquainted, especially if you have a call to a large company pending.  

lucyphone-logoIf only I'd met "Lucy" before I spent half a day on hold, listening to elevator-music, while waiting to get a person on the line.  Instead I was subjected to, "We are experiencing a unusually high-volume of calls" ...which is strange as I tried several times over many days and I always seemed to be oddly in sync with everyone else's unusually high calling pattern to this company.

Now I know some large corporations have wonderful telephone systems that put you in touch with the correct person whenever you need them, without being put on perpetual hold... I apparently just don't deal with many. 

To read more about how to get in touch with "Lucy" click here.

Feel free to contact me and let me know if you found this service helpful. ( or 416 640-2874)

Staying Sharp with Ongoing Education

After mentioning TED Talks in the last newsletter I thought I'd toss out a few more websites where you can pick up some information to get you in that 'back-to-school' mode.

classroomOpenCourseWare has a large collection of high quality university‚Äźlevel educational materials.  These materials are organized as courses, and sometimes include course planning materials and evaluation tools. They are free and accessible to anyone, anytime via the Internet.

Launched with the goal of making accessible a wide range of existing educational videos, featuring guest lecturers from leading universities, Academic Earth was born. The site offers full courses as well as single lectures from leading (U.S.) universities(apparently they are not tapping into Canadian talent) that can be searched by university, subject or instructor. Covering topics from Art and Architecture to Writing, with Academic Earth you can catch up on all the topics you didn't take at school.

If those two weren't enough to send you into information overload we still have a Wiki University for you. Devoted to learning resources from pre-school to university this wiki has amassed a growing volume of collaberative effort learning (which you can join in on if you so desire).

Contact FITS with your questions.( or 416 640-2874)


Just Some Sites of Interest

To finish off our vacation I thought I'd list a few web-sites that can keep your mind busy for hours, when you have some spare time on your hands. (or maybe to keep the kids occupied in these final days of vacation).

BrainBashers is a great collection of brain teasers puzzles and logic games

For more of the same, you can try the site below as well.   

For the younger ones (or to start you off with a more simple sampling) see:

Contact me if you have any questions. ( or 416 640-2874) 

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