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Considering a Server for your office? – Go Virtual with FITS. (More here)

Reduce hardware investment, Save on Power and Cooling costs and get Disaster Recovery second to none…


Inexpensive Backup Solutions (Click Here for Peace of Mind)

Backing up data is critical for business as well as home computers.  FITS has solutions from no-cost to multiple redundancy versions…

Virus & Malware Issues -Beware of Fake Virus Programs... (Click Here for More Information)

FITS has solutions and advice to keep you safe, including restricting Internet access for business…

Web Presence is a Must for Business (Click Here to see why)

FITS has affordable solutions to get your business profile on the web…

Question of the Month:

What is the title of the upcoming play to benefit Youth Without Shelter on October 27th?

Send your response to before November 15, 2010 to be eligible to win a PC game  -  Hoyle Crosswords and Sudoku .

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 Community Spotlight:

As most of you know, part of FileBank's history has long been tied to giving back to our community. For over fifteen years now we have been involved with multiple charities throughout the GTA, volunteering, donating and pitching in to do our turn.

If you or your company is looking for an opportunity to help a local organization please feel free to  contact me or (416) 640-2874.

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FITS & Starts Reader,

 Are You Being Served?

Here is a quick quiz for our small business operators, can you presently:

- View co-workers calendars to see schedules and book appointments?
- Use Software to assign tasks to others and track their progress?
- Can staff work from outside the office if they wanted or needed to?
- Is your business data secure (and not travelling around on laptops, mobile devices and USB sticks that can be lost or stolen?)

- Can you print to devices anywhere in you office - even from home?
- If your computer died now - did you loose any data, email, contacts, appointments..?
- Can you check your email or calendar from any Internet connected computer?
- Does your current backup system capture all your necessary business files?

If any of these items were of interest or concern to you, we should discuss a business Server solution for your office... I'll bring the coffee if you'd like... no charge, no commitment and I don't bite... well, not after I've had a morning coffee anyway :) . SBS2008

What we can do is review what you are doing now and advise you on some computer based solutions to enhance your business through available, affordable technologies.  ...and if you like what a Server will do for you wait until you hear what a Virtual Server can do. (Read more about Servers for your Business here.)

Contact FITS for a network assessment at no-cost either via email (416) 640-2874. 

 There is a Hole In Your Bullet-proof Vest

There seems to be a bit of a misconception out there that having an anti-virus program on your computer is all you need to keep you safe and sound on the Internet.

Let me dispel that myth - Anti-Virus programs (and the like) are not bullet-proof, fool-proof or super-heroes who will always save you from a perilous predicament.  (Keep in mind even Superman was vulnerable to Kryptonite.) I'm not suggesting you go without one, they do act a a good basic defence on your computer and often can be obtained at no cost so it would be rather foolish not to have an anti-virus/spyware/malware program running on your computer...

Read more on the limitations of anti-virus programs here.

 Feel free to contact me if you encounter something suspicious on your computer. ( or 416 640-2874)

News to You? - Delete Doesn't Delete

You may be surprised to learn that hitting that "Delete" button on your computer doesn't really delete the file from your computer.  As a matter of fact, even after you clear your recycle bin the file still exists (clearing the recycle bin essentially removes the index to the file - which makes it harder to recover but not impossible.)

DeleteKeyKeep this fact in mind when you are disposing of your old computer equipment.  All your potentially sensitive information may still be on the hard-drive.  So if you have ever entered information like banking, medical, passwords or maybe just a "Dear Diary" that you'd rather not have fall into the wrong hands - Contact us for advice on how to properly dispose of this information.

 Contact FITS with your questions.( or 416 640-2874)


Upcoming Benefit Performance OC 27

There is an excellent performance called THE MIDDLE PLACE on Wednesday October 27th at 7:30 PM at Theatre Passe Muraille (19 Ryerson Ave.) to benefit Youth Without Shelter. This is Project Humanity's documentary theatre piece that emerged from encounters with youth at the shelter that has been honoured with two SummerWorks Festival Jury Prizes. - Don't miss this enlightening experience.

YWS Middle Place Benefit"The Middle Place is an eye-opening, intelligent and funny piece of verbatim theatre that shines a light on Toronto's problems with truth in a way that other recent plays have failed to with fiction.”

“…it's refreshing to hear these voices of real homeless people onstage.”

J. Kelly Nestruck - The Globe and Mail

Contact the Box Office for tickets 416 504-7529. 

Youth Without Shelter: The Middle Place Benefit 

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