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What program is often used to read PDF documents?

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FITS & Starts Reader,

Beware 'Computer Support' Telephone Scam!

If you receive a telephone call from a representative claiming to be from Microsoft or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or other “computer authority” wanting to fix a problem they have detected on your computer, it is most likely a scam. 
phoneIn a bold step forward thieves are using direct-contact tactics, inventing yet another way to scare you into doing something you shouldn't (purchase a product; reveal credit card or banking information; gain access to your computer etc.)  These fake computer support centres are becoming increasingly common in the GTA (and world-wide) because of the large profits they are reaping.
Note that Microsoft does not make unsolicited calls to end users and if it is your ISP calling, they will prove their identity by providing detailed information of your account such as account number and payment history.  Don't be fooled by the fakes just because they know your full name and home address and can guess your computer operating system or ISP name.
To read more on this computer scam click here.

If you already have received a call like this you may want to have FITS check over your computer as it may have malicious software installed on it. If you have given out any personal information (Credit card banking details, passwords etc.) contact your provider and let them know ASAP.

Did you know: FITS makes “House Calls” – Contact me at (416) 640-2874 or email me at regarding any of your computer related issues

Update, Update, Update

There are several software programs in such high usage among computer users that they also become prime targets for malicious software writers.  In the past, cybercriminals have tended to pick on Microsoft products due to their overwhelming market-share.
Unpatched software leads to vulnerabilities that can potentially allow an attacker to take control of your computer system. - If you needed some incentive to apply software upgrades there you have it.  Keep in mind anytime a software provider issues a “critical” update they aren’t using the word lightly.

flashPlayerIn this month's FITS web articles I highlight update procedures for Adobe Flash (in short a program used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages etc.); Adobe Reader (a common program that is used to read PDF documents) and Java (currently one of the most popular programming languages in use) all of which issued critical patches in June 2011.

See more detail on the article and on updating your Flash here (and no, we are not talking about your wardrobe).

Contact David at FileBank if you do run into a virus that seems to have taken over or slowed your computer -   (416) 640-2874 or email me at

Adobe Reader (PDF) Update

Adobe has issued more than a dozen security updates to its PDF Reader program for Windows and Macintosh.  The recommended update is to Adobe Reader X (10.1) and is
available here.

AdobeReaderIncluded in this update is a feature that will install future PDF Reader security updates automatically.  There are some who don’t like programs auto-updating, however the risk of a faulty patch is far outweighed by the need to have this program patched and up to date on your computer to potentially thwart malicious software (malware) attacks.

Read more on how to apply this update and adjust your PDF reader settings here.

Happy and safe computing to you all and keep FITS in mind if you need any computer service or want to treat yourself to a new piece of hardware or software.  (416) 640-2874 or email me at

Refresh Your Java

During a recent training seminar I was presenting on basic computer use, a question came up, “Just what exactly is Java?  Why do I need it and why do I care that there is an update ready?”

JavaAfter an irresistible quip about how I need my coffee in the morning (get it, Java=Coffee - oh, never mind it was a bad joke anyway.)  I noted the good timing of the question as Java has just released a critical patch to plug 17 security holes … but let’s start back at the beginning of that question: What is Java?

Read more on how to update your Java in this article.

If you are having problems with your computer system contact FITS at (416) 640-2874 or email me at and we will assist you.

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