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FITS & Starts Reader,

It's a 3D World - Now Including Your Monitor

3D technology seems to be showing up everywhere; at the movie theater, on DVD or Blu-Ray and even broadcast television.  Now you can get your computer into the game with the new 3D technology.

While you may consider 3D to be a fad, the electronics industry is betting on its adoption and continued growth in popularity.

The new 3D displays are based on the current standard that is used in the movie theater.  To experience the 3D images on the computer screen the user wears a pair of 3D glasses.  (No, this is not the old style red and blue filtered glasses but one based on polarization to separate the images into two parts - one intended for each eye).3DViewSonic

Read the complete 3D monitor article here.

Viewsonic’s package comes with everything you need included in the box. Blacks are nice and black and the colors are crisp and bright. With all the fundamentals easy to manage, it seems this complex technology is simple enough for most to manage.

Contact David at FITS to order your 3D monitor and get in on the game (416) 640-2874

If Smart Phones are So Smart...

  I keep hearing the term "Smartphone" in reference to how mobile phone technology is making our world so carefree… “There’s an app for that” as the saying goes. Marketing would have you believe that whatever phone you have now is sooooo last year and totally outdated...

"What do you mean you can't watch a movie, while talking to your sister and surf all at the same time on your current phone..?" After a particularly eventful week I have a wish-list for my next smartphone.

Read the rest of the smartphone article here. 

Contact David at FileBank if you have any computer related questions - (416) 640-2874 or email me at

Computer Devices Unplugged

If you have ever unplugged a storage device from your computer and received a ‘finger-wagging’ warning indicating that you just did something wrong, read on...

With removable storage devices (E.g. Portable hard-drives USB keys or thumb drives/flash drives, SD cards and cameras etc.) being commonplace, you are likely to use one or more and may not be aware that not properly disconnecting the drive may cause damage to the drive and/or its contents.

“Really..?” you say “Never heard that before” – Well it’s true, although it may be rare that you cause damage, why take the chance with your data?

Read how to properly disconnect in the full article here.

Safely Remove HardwareKeep in mind, if the drive is in use, (E.g. If you are exploring the contents, copying files or have any files open from the device.) you will receive a message that “The device is currently in use…” and therefore you won’t be able to eject and safely remove it until you close all the open files and/or the read/write operations complete.

Contact me at FITS if you find your computer issues getting too complicated - (416) 640-2874 or email me at

Repeat - Beware of Current Telephone Scam

If you receive a telephone call from a representative claiming to be from Microsoft or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or other “computer authority” wanting to fix a problem they have detected on your computer, it is most likely a scam.

PhoneIn a bold step forward thieves are using direct-contact tactics, inventing yet another way to scare you into doing something you shouldn't (purchase a product; reveal credit card or banking information; gain access to your computer etc.)  These fake computer support centres are becoming increasingly common in the GTA (and world-wide) because of the large profits they are reaping.

Note that Microsoft does not make unsolicited calls to end users and if it is your ISP calling, they will prove their identity by providing detailed information of your account such as account number and payment history. Don't be fooled by the fakes just because they know your full name and home address and can guess your computer operating system or ISP name.
To read more on this computer scam click here.  If you have received a call like this, you may want to have FITS check over your computer as it may have malicious software installed on it. If you have given out any personal information (Credit card banking details, passwords etc.) contact your provider and let them know ASAP.

Did you know: FITS makes “House Calls” – Contact me at (416) 640-2874 or email me at regarding any of your computer related issues

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