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Be First to Get the Latest Updates

I haven't been nagging (I mean politely reminding) you to keep your software up-to-date lately, however that doesn't mean that you can be lax about it.

I then realized I have been selling this update thing all wrong – After all, keeping software up-to-date sounds boring… like housework or that homework project you keep putting off… So here is the new pitch:

Always wanted to have the latest & greatest? Be leading edge with the most recent updates from Microsoft, Adobe, Java and more… All your friends will be green with envy and the best part is there is no-money down and no payments.

Order yours today! Don’t Delay – This is a Limited Time Special Web Offer! – Our Operators are Standing by 24 Hours a Day.
To read the full article on updating your software click here.

Note that the application of updates on business computers (especially Servers and the like) is a more complex matter.  In this situation update changes need to be balanced between threat environments and potential software interaction conflicts. It is not unheard of for a software update to cause existing applications to have adverse reactions or stop working altogether. You should consult with us prior to updating your software in business environments.

If the process sounds a bit intimidating, FITS provides update services designed to suit your needs. Contact us for a no-cost assessment at(416) 640-2874 or email me at

Destroy Your Drive Content 

Before you cart that old computer, laptop or piece of computer eqipment off to the recycling depot, you'll want to ensure that there is no personal data contained on the hard-drive.  The last thing you want is for banking, SIN, passwords or other sensitive information to end up in the wrong hands.

Did you know that certain printers also may have a hard-drive containing sensitive data. Ensure your hard-drives are properly disposed of or 'wiped'.

FITS can issue you with a Certificate of Destruction for your hard-drives (which will be shredded) or properly wipe hard-drives that you want to retain. (Note: deleting your data from a hard-drive is not a sufficient means of data destruction.)

- Contact FITS for a quote on drive destruction at (416) 640-2874 or email me at .

Search Savvy

Computer technology moves so quickly it causes even tech-savvy individuals to stumble across functions they didn’t realize were available or possible.

Take computer web browsers for instance (E.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox Chrome,Web Browser and Safari) which are the software programs that let you browse the internet for your enjoyment... or frustration (depending on the day).  Most of us use browsers and search engines on a daily basis and yet few of us realize their potential or use all but a fraction of their features.

I’ve assembled here a few “I didn’t know that” moments from recent experience with family, friends and clients to see if you know (or care to know) about some of these helpful items:

See what you may not know about your browser in the full article located here.

Feel free to contact me regarding any of your computer related issues - (416) 640-2874 or email me at

 Reading With Eyes Closed - Text to Speech

If you have problems reading text on a computer screen; would like to give your eyes a break, but still take in that web article… or maybe you are obsessed with multi-tasking in order to get the most out of your day - you may appreciate the Text-to-Speech applications available for your computer.

Let me introduce you to your new reading buddy - Text-to-Speech software (such as NaturalReader or DSpeech) can convert any written text such as Webpages, documents, PDF files, and Emails into spoken words. 

Now, you can move away from your computer screen, put your feet up and relax, stretch, exercise, or complete other tasks, while you still remain focused on that document.

See what you can do with this program in the full article located here.
Feel free to contact me regarding any of your computer related issues - (416) 640-2874 or email me at

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