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OneNote - Likely the Best Office Tool (You've Never Heard Of)

If you find yourself regularly gathering information for business projects, meetings, client files, or simply want to keep yourself more organized at school or around the house - Microsoft’s OneNote is probably the best software you never heard of.

It’s time to trade in your paper-based notebooks, To-Do Lists and cluttered email inbox system for a fully Office integrated software solution that pulls all your scattered information together in one place.

Read the full article on OneNote on the FITS website.

Sleep Hibernate or Shut Down?

Instead of shutting off your computer after each use (or leaving it on all the time) Windows “Sleep” and “Hibernate” modes provide options for conserving power when you are not using your PC.

Read more about power saver options on the FITS website.

Limit your Cookie Intake?

Don’t worry I’m not suggesting you go on a diet or give up sweets, it just so happens whenever I teach a computer class, invariably I am asked “what is a cookie and what does it do?”

Cookies are utilized while browsing the Internet. These small files, which are stored on your computer, contain information required by certain websites. Their function is to make it easier to navigate the Web by remembering information related to websites and pass this information to the webserver.

See what you may not know about cookies in the full article on the FITS website.

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