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FITS New Look

If you’ve ventured over to lately you will have noticed our new look.

Check out our changes in the full article at FITS web. Tell us what you think of the site and as always, keep us in mind for all your computer related requirements.

Email Basics - 101

Electronic mail or email is a very common activity for most computer users and yet many of us don’t know much about its workings (or don’t care to know, in which case you can have another sip of coffee and move along to the next article... I won’t be insulted… oh good, you’re still here.)

View this introduction to email in the full article at FITS Web. - The Best in WebMail

The latest and greatest free web-based email program is now available for you to use. Recently released to replace the old and tarnished Hotmail product, sets the bar for other web-mail products to match.

Sporting a complete redesign, with a clean looking, easy to use, three-panel layout, delivers an uncluttered portal into all your social communication networks. Email, Chat, Social Networking (and soon video conferencing) are all merged together in this one product, leaving no need to go elsewhere to access Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Flickr etc..)

See what has to offer you in the full article at FITS web.

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