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About Us

FileBank IT Services (FITS) is a privately held Canadian company, offering a full suite of IT services and solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the GTA. We keep technical experts on-staff, so you don’t have to.

FITS has a team of knowledgeable IT specialists ready to help you with all your computer-related issues. From Cloud Computing, equipment upgrades, emergency repairs to total system design and network management, our expertise is at your service, 24 hours a day. Whether it’s 15 minutes or 15 hours. With FITS, one call solves it all, conveniently and cost effectively.


FITS is an Authorized Microsoft® Partner. Our fully qualified IT professionals have worldwide experience in technical service and programming applications.


Do I have to bring my computer to you to get it fixed?

No, FITS can often connect to your computer over the Internet to assist you.  We also make ‘house calls’, as required, travelling to your business site or home in order to remedy your computer problem.  FITS offers convenience and quick response as we are first and foremost a customer service organization.

I run a business, I need my computers running during the day.  How can FITS accommodate me?

FITS technicians are available 24 hour a day.  We serve business and know that certain work must be performed after-hours.  In order for you to serve our client’s needs during the day, FITS works nights and weekends.

How does FITS charge for service?

FITS provides flexible billing for our technical service. Some clients prefer an hourly rate while others prefer a Flat Monthly fee. Either way FITS solutions are designed to keep your IT costs low.

For business clients monthly invoices are arranged with detailed descriptions of work performed. We also accept payment by credit card.

Can I deal with the same technician all the time?

Often it is easiest to work with the same technician, who gets to know you and your business, which is why FITS assigns a technician to your account.  Other technicians are crossed-trained on your account in order to provide seamless service when your primary technician is unavailable.

I don’t know if there is something wrong with my computer, but it doesn’t seem right – Can you help?

FITS can provide an assessment of your computer at no charge – If there is nothing wrong we will let you know – If there is something wrong we will give you advice and options based on what is best for you. FITS provides peace of mind.

What happens if I have a problem on the weekend?

Call our main telephone number and select our Emergency Service which will dispatch you to FITS on-call technician.  For those situations where you’ve got work to do, after-hours or on the weekend, and your computer isn’t co-operating, FITS is here for you.

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