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Business Services

Getting IT Right - Right From the Start.

The most effective IT solutions are tailored to the demands of your business. Regardless of scale or complexity, nothing fits better than FITS solutions.

  • Cost-effective expertise

  • Lower overhead

  • Less downtime

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Prompt, professional, reliable. 24/7

We are IT professionals who understand we’re in the customer service business. ‘What we do’ wins us clients. ‘How we do it’ keeps them. No technical jargon. We speak in plain language. Whether we’re assessing, implementing, upgrading or repairing, we want you to understand what we’re doing for you, and why.



FITS Cloud is ideal for business on the go as well as Start-up companies. Your company programs and documents will reside on FITS Cloud Server, making the available to you from where ever you have a stable Internet connection. FITS Cloud is purely Canadian-based to maintain your data security.  A sophisticated business-grade Unified Threat Management device (an expanded capability Firewall) helps keep your data and users safe by blocking any external countries from accessing your data among other features.

Separate remote connections (with individual logins) for each user will be setup to allow all your staff access to the programs and specified data they are authorized to view.  Remote sessions, require Two-Factor Authentication to verify your identity and are encrypted from the Client to the Host server.

Contact FITS to discuss whether the Cloud is a good solution for your business. 

Hard Drive Backup

Data Backup & Recovery

One of the most common causes of data loss is physical failure of your equipment – often without warning. With everything saved on your laptop, network drive, or computer hard disk drive, your business is at risk unless you have a backup. 


As s full-service data backup and recovery provider, FITS services include:   

  • Physical Off-site Data Backup

  • On-line Storage and Data Backup

  • Network Data Backup

  • Backup Server Co-location

  • On-site Data Recovery and File Rescue Services in the Toronto / GTA area.


Data backup and recovery strategies require regular testing to ensure their operation. All FITS file backup solutions include assessment and testing to verify continued performance and protection.​

Contact FITS to have your Backup Strategy assessed.

Customer Service Rep

IT Support

FITS has a team of knowledgeable IT specialists ready to help you with all your computer-related issues. From equipment upgrades and emergency repairs to total system design and network management, our expertise is at your service, 24 hours a day.

Your Account is assigned to a technician, whom you will be familiar with and rest assured if your regular technician is not immediately available, your problem can be dealt with by another FITS technician or you can request a call back from your assigned technician. 

Whether it’s 15 minutes or 15 hours. With FITS, one call solves it all, conveniently and cost effectively.

If you are questioning the Service level of your IT Support, contact FITS for a no-obligation quotation on our Services.

Molecules Security


FITS has the expertise to:

  • Perform network and Internet security audits to protect critical business information systems and data.

  • Implement secure wireless networking solutions.

  • Recommend and install the proper network infrastructure, firewalls and other user-access control measures.

  • Ensure secure connectivity from remote locations.

  • Back up critical components for no-fail connectivity.

  • Provide appropriate Internet usage and network reporting services.


Contact FITS regarding your Computer Security. 


Network Assessment & Maintenance

FITS specializes in providing IT solutions for small to medium businesses. No budget is too small, no project too complex for our expertise.

FITS technicians will provide complete networking solutions, including cabling, hardware and software, based on your business requirements. Server systems are not just for large business environments. Small and medium-sized enterprises can reduce costs and improve productivity by sharing resources securely. A properly configured network server, tailored to both your requirements and your budget, delivers enhanced connectivity, efficiency and security in an affordable, integrated package.

Book a Network Assessment with FITS.


Email System  Management

Email has become the hub of business communications, so it is crucial to have a reliable business email system complete with backup. FITS can provide redundancy for your systems so that a workstation crash or server failure doesn’t result in loss of email.

FITS email solutions provide you with reliable communications with minimal junk-mail to let you focus on your business at hand.

Schedule a meeting with FITS to assess your business email. 

Computer Repair

Hardware / Software Installation

Whether your business is large or small, effective IT solutions start with the proper computer hardware and software. We work with you to determine your specific needs and build or select equipment to those specifications.

FITS has access to all the major brands, giving you a wide range of features, functionality and price points to choose from. As an Authorized Microsoft® Partner, FITS installs only quality components, in the computers we provide. We ensure the proper installation of your Windows operating system and software programs, so your equipment is all set up and ready to use.


Properly assessing, selecting and installing your computer equipment results in an efficient IT network that you can count on to improve productivity and profitability.

Contact FITS for competitive prices on all your computer-related purchases.

Computer Programming

Virus / Malware Removal

If your computers or Servers are inadequately protected, you run the risk of losing valuable data or compromising sensitive proprietary information – something no business can afford. 

You can depend on FITS for:

  • Virus protection for servers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

  • System and data recovery from infected devices.

  • Training, consulting and implementation for the best anti-virus defenses.

New and more sophisticated viruses / malware are produced daily.  These malicious programs pose serious security and financial risks to your business. Understanding the avenues of attack as well as the various options for safeguarding your computer, email and web services is a FITS specialty.

Antivirus programs alone are not enough.  FITS will educate your employees, as well as arm your business with the best defences to safeguard your IT network.

In the event of contamination, only an expert has the tools and the knowledge to disinfect and restore your system. Do not continue to operate a computer that you suspect is infected.

Call the professionals at FITS for complete protection and satisfaction.

Electronic Board


The latest premium business firewalls are referred to as Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices, as they are able to combine network security functions that previously would have been performed by multiple systems.


Features Include:

  • Advanced Threat Protection 

  • Stop sophisticated attacks that a firewall alone can’t stop with our UTM's Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

  • Blocks application- and protocol-related attacks through deep-packet inspection

  • Signature database of over 10,000 patterns with rules updates every few minutes 

  • Customizable Web Filtering

  • Country Blocking - Block Internet traffic from specific countries with questionable reputations

FITS experts will select from over 35 million sites in 96 categories to create safe web browsing policies, so you can minimize legal concerns around inappropriate content and maximize productivity. You can set policy by users and time, using a variety of authentication options.


Have FITS assess your Business Security and provide a no-cost quotation.

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